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March 21, 2016

Stealing Moments (While I Can)

I was so happy this past week to have my guy home for a whole 10 days during a break in their current US tour. We spent the first few days on a fun trip driving up to Pittsburgh for the shower of my future sister-in-law Sarah (so lots of togetherness car time listening to podcasts and such) but I was also pretty happy to get home and just feel like “regular” people for a few days. In fact, we spent almost the whole week on boring adult chores like putting together Ikea furniture that I can’t pronounce and doing our taxes so it was a bit of a shock to eventually look up and realize it was almost time to send him back out on the bus for another 3 weeks. While it is necessary to take care of boring stuff while I have him around, I also want to make sure we get in a but of fun as well and give us some memories to think about until we are together again. We ended up going to a a few brunch opportunities, took our ’74 Stingray out during some sunny days, tried a new Ramen place in town, and had our first in Nashville (but third annual) 60’s cocktail party as well. I’ll show you a few photos of that soon…
  Shoes/Shoemint, Top/Forever 21, Jacket/Mango, Sunnies/Forever 21, Bag/Kate Spade Saturday

This is what I ended up wearing to brunch at a place called Marche in East Nashville. There’s a major wait if you want to go there on the weekends, so we usually go during the week instead. The french toast made with croissants is so worth it.

I can’t help but steal little looks at Todd while he’s home, just trying to study his face and take in all the sights while I can. Every moment and memory has to last until the next time we are together, so it’s important to pack the moments in while I can…

xo. Laura

March 4, 2016

The Band Wife Mantra Bracelet!

You guys, how exciting is this?! I collaborated with one of my favorite jewelry companies Shlomit Ofir to create this beautiful mantra bracelet that’s not only the perfect jewelry staple but is also for a great cause. When they approached me about doing a limited-edition custom bracelet in honor of International Women’s Day (coming up on March 8th) I was really excited to pick out a personal phrase that I would want to be reminded of everyday. My first thoughts were mostly about pizza and cats but I dug a little deeper and decided on this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson instead— “Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.” These three have always been the top qualities that I admire in other people and describe my closest friends perfectly (especially my husband Todd who is somehow a total pro at all three simultaneously). Even though I, for sure, have my selfish days and certainly don’t always feel like laughing when life gets hard, I still want to be known as a caring, truthful person that can find humor even in tough situations.

The other great thing about this bracelet (besides the mental pick-me-up the phrase gives me) is that 20% of the proceeds go to The Women’s Courtyard which is an amazing non-governmental charity in Israel. They provides assistance to girls and young women who deal with distress and risk situations, independent of national origins or ethnicity (you can read more about their work here Please feel free to check out their website and read more about their work).It was so fun to help design and pick out all the features for this pretty bauble (looove the tiny mint tassels on the back!) and I know I’m going to be wearing it all the time now. I hope you’ll decide to join with me in the reminder to be the best versions of ourselves and help out other women and girls in the process. Get yours here while you still can! Girl rule, boys drool….GUMMERGAL OUT!signature2 copy

December 15, 2015

New Town + New Traditions!

I don’t think it totally hit me until the Christmas season that we are kind of past the point of being solely focused on unpacking boxes and can move on to a bit more of the “fun stuff” and enjoy a bit of the holiday season. Of course, Christmas is usually so tied with nostalgia that it’s much more cozy to settle back into old Christmas traditions than make new ones. But what if you are in a totally new town? Well, then you certainly don’t have the usual tradition options you may have had before! This year I’ve been doing a few of the old favorite like watching White Christmas and playing my favorite holiday songs, but we also have gone to a few Nashville Christmas events to branch out and find a few new holiday favorites too. They have a beautiful botanical garden here and they light up the grounds with Christmas lights so you can walk through at night while sipping boozy hot chocolate—we had so much fun and it’s totally something that I would love to do every year! I also made a new holiday drink (an egg nog martini) and some mulled wine that I think can be seasonal favorites for a few years to come.

Of course with all the holiday gatherings, it’s always my mission to have a holiday look that I really love, and this year I’ve been dying over this gold sequin romper from LuLu’s. No matter what holiday occasion you still need a look for (Christmas office party or swanky New Year’s Eve bash), you’ll find something to love at LuLu’s. And, just by sharing your party perfect look on Instagram, you could be one of the 5 lucky winners to receive a $1,000 LuLu’s shopping spree! See below for more details! 
                                      Romper, Bag, Jewelry, and Shoes c/o LuLu’s

To enter for your chance at a shopping spree and all you have to do is follow the steps below:
1. Follow @lulus on Instagram
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Contest open internationally. Profile must be public to enter. Unlimited entries allowed. Winner will be announced at blog.lulus.com on 1/1/2016. Visit www.lulus.com/contestfor full terms & conditions.

I can’t wait to wear this look for New Years Eve in a few weeks! It’s a bit of an obsession but I always do a full sequin outfit if possible for NYE because, well, why not!! It’s the night to go big or go home, right? I also wore the jumper for our Christmas card photo so it’s immortalized forever in print as well.  Hope you get to wear something fun that you love this season—whether it’s full of sequins or not is up to you!!

xo. Laura

October 28, 2015

Nashville’s a Little Bit Country (and I’m a Little Bit Rock and Roll)

So we have been living here in Nashville for a little over 3 months now which is hard to believe. It feels like we’ve been here just a few days and forever at the same time, but I think I’m finally starting to get a feel for the town. One thing that’s always been obvious to me, even when we were just visitors, is that Nashville certainly has it’s own fashion sense. There are some crossover looks with how I usually dress (and a few differences too!), but it’s been fun to try out some new things and see if they stick.

I thought it would be fun to do a “Gummergal does Nashville” look so I’m working with one of my fave online shops LuLu’s to put together the quintessential Music City look done my way. Thankfully for me, one of the most spotted items out and about is totally the leather jacket. I’m a bit of a collector of different styles and colors of moto jackets, so that accessory is a total no brainer for me. I wear them spring, summer, fall, and into the winter as long as possible before I have to break out the “senseable” winter coats.

Nashville is a pretty lively city for sure, but I’ve noticed that the general color palette of clothing is pretty muted. I don’t really mean just black and white (that’s usually what I’m wearing 90% of the time), but a lot of browns, navy, army green and wine reds. You may remember from previous color rants that I have major soul crushing issues wearing navy or brown (I. Just. Can’t. Even), but army green is actually a good color for blondes with hazel eyes and I’ve branched out into buying more red in the last few years, so Imma stick with those guys, mmmkay?

Plaid is also pretty popular at all times of the year here in Nashville, so it’s easy to let your inner 90’s chick out whatever the weather. Plaid sleeveless shirts in summer, button downs for fall, plaid coats for winter…you get the idea. They ain’t mad at plaid, y’all hear?

One of my other favorite things that they love here is fringe. I like how it moves and how playful it looks on clothing, so I’m always glad to see a little fringe being worn on boots, bags, or jackets. What’s not to love??
                                   Jacket, Dress, Shoes, Bracelet, and Bag c/o LuLu’s

Actually, I finally realized that the secret to dressing like a Nashville local is to dress like it’s fall all year round. Is it 100 degrees out? Well then yes you should still wear your leather boots and suede fringe jacket with your cutoffs…you’d be crazy not to! I’m kind of curious to see more of how they dress for the middle of winter. Will I be the only girl at the coffee shop with a giant fluffy coat on or will there be a few other furry gals joining me in being as warm as possible? I guess we’ll see soon enough!

xo. Laura

July 24, 2015


So, we have officially been living in Nashville for one week now. The new house is still quite a mess even though I’ve gotten a pretty good amount of unpacking done already. I’ve been trying really hard to not overdo it this time on the painting etc. since I injured myself by doing too much too quickly last house, but boy is it hard to be patient with that sort of thing! Each surface I change to be more like “us” makes me breathe easier and a feel a little more at home, so it’s challenging not to barrel through the whole to-do list at once.

In case you are wondering, the ride up to Nashville with two cats was rather challenging, but we made it. Charlie was in my car and Mac rode with Todd, and poor confused (and sedated I might add) Charlie cried for the first two hours of the trip until she finally fell asleep for the last five hours. I hated seeing her all drugged up, but she literally would have been worked up for the whole seven hours if we hadn’t, so I was so grateful when she was finally snoozing in her carrier. Mac was much less nervous in Todd’s car, but once we got to the house and let them roam around, they both were pretty upset in the unfamiliar territory and walked around crying for hours. Charlie buried herself under blankets and inside empty bathroom cabinets for the next three days, but Mac was sweet enough to visit her in there a lot and doze next to her for company. Normally, she wouldn’t dream of letting him that close to her, but I could tell she appreciated the gesture in such stressful circumstances. Even though it’s only been a week, they seem so much more at ease and are even starting to explore the yard a bit. It hurt my heart to see them so confused and upset for the first few days, but I think they are at a good point for being only one week in.                                       Dress/ Asos, Shoes/Nasty Gal, Bag/Forever 21

I must confess that I’ve had very mixed feeling about the new location so far. Some days I feel positive and good about the move, but to be perfectly honest I also had a mini breakdown today where I texted Todd that “I hate it here” and “can we go home now?” He kindly reminded me that we sold our house, so no, that’s not really an option, but he brought me a cupcake to be a sweetie.

I’ve only been out only a handful of times this week that weren’t paint or grocery store related. My sister Rachel and her husband Jon came from Atlanta the first weekend to help us unpack and took us to an amazing dinner at Husk (so good!) and I popped out to meet my fellow BW Stacy for a lovely girls coffee. For the most part though I’m being a total Charlie so far and hiding in my cabinet, but I’m so grateful that I have my Mac(s) to keep me company in there. I’ll come out when I’m good and ready.

xo. Laura