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June 16, 2015

Summer Staples

Every season has its trends. Pants are either shorter or longer, high or low waisted, cropped tops or tunics—everything goes in and out of season. While I do love to play around with what’s new and trendy, most of my wardrobe is made up of my comfort zone staples. For summer (can you believe it’s already June!?!), I have a basic formula that I constantly pull out when I want to look relaxed and casual, but still feel cool at the same time. I always revert back to some frayed jean shorts, a muscle tank, heeled sandals, and a fun bag. The jean shorts are “classic summer” to me (and I still can’t get enough of distressed denim) and muscle tanks are a favorite because if you are a girl that has to wear a bra (and hate strapless options), it can be pretty difficult to find tops with all the summer spaghetti straps around. Muscle tanks totally solve the problem. Sandals with a few inches of heel give a more put-together vibe to an otherwise casual outfit, and a fun/colorful bag adds just that to the look—fun!                                              Top, Shorts, Shoes, and Bag c/o LuLu’s

How fun is the fringe detail on those shoes?? I absolutely adore novelty bags so I can’t wait to take this lemon guy on lots of outings this summer.  What’s your list of summer staples? Sundresses? Rompers? So much to choose from!

xo. Laura

April 21, 2015

Will You Be My Boyfriend Jeans?

Man, this one was really a surprise to me. Apparently I not only like boyfriend jeans, but I think I “like” like them. Like, wanna pass them a note asking them to go to the homecoming dance with me sort of thing. I’ve tried on a couple of pairs to see how I felt about the whole trend, but I always looked like one of the ladies in the Mom Jeans SNL commercial. The waist was too high, the hips too puffy. All I needed was the patchwork quilted vest and a minivan and I was set. However, I saw these jeans and I was actually much more interested in the shredded quality than anything else, so I thought I’d give them a try. Just another case of a good cut and fit making all the difference in a category—I loved them! They aren’t for every occasion (and you do have to be a bit more specific with the shoe choices), but I’ve been wearing them for four days straight and I think we have a good thing going. The slightly dropped waist and looser fit just feels so more relaxed than a super tight jean legging and it’s a nice change for sure.
                     Jeans/Forever 21, Jacket/BCBG, Top/Forever 21, Shoes/Shoe Mint

It’s definitely true that some clothing categories will always be a firm no for me (anything navy blue, nautical themed, or loafers), but it is fun to broaden the horizons a bit from time to time and let a new pair of jeans into my heart. Come on in boyfriend jeans, the door is now wide open!

xo. Laura

March 27, 2015

Dream Job Dressin’

When people talk about “dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” all I can think is, “well, I guess I’ll just dress normal then because I already have the job I want!” The life of a professional blogger has its pros and cons just like any other job, but one of the perks is that I get to dress in kind of whatever I feel like each day. It’s pretty different from the previous two jobs I held before this one as a server at a Mexican restaurant and an admissions counselor at a University. If I never have to wear a tequila t-shirt or conservative office clothing again, I’ll be extremely grateful.

Anyways, the level of dress for a blogger varies day to day based on what is happening at work, so I usually dress accordingly. Days with mostly spray paint and power tools on the agenda call for a bit of a different look than a photo shoot or video day. When I do need to pick out some sort of put-together outfit to wear, I most often go for a black and white motif (usually stripes are involved) with a moto jacket or some other layering on top. Also, even on my weekdays I love a heel, but I usually only go for chunky heels at work so I can still run around town supply shopping if I need to. These outfit picks from ASOS are a perfect example of my go to look and they are definitely pieces that I can mix and match throughout my wardrobe for the rest of the year (plus I’m a sucker for sites that have free shipping both ways—it’s like online candy to me!!). 
                                                    Dress, Jacket, and Shoes c/o ASOS

Todd and I feel so lucky to both have what we would consider our dream jobs at the moment. I think that knowing what it feels like to hate every second of previous jobs really gives me a perspective and appreciation for where I’m at now. Plus, I don’t leave this job reeking of salsa, so that’s a big positive for me too. If you feel stuck at a job you hate, keep your chin up! Everyone has to go through those at some point, but just keep your passions alive because you never know what’s around the bend. Maybe it’s an exciting new career with an awesome wardrobe to go with it!

December 9, 2014

Dress For The Holiday You Want (Not The Holiday You Have)

I have this weird love affair with dressing up. I’ve been known to scour the discount clothing store racks looking for the $300 evening gowns that have been marked down to $25 because of a stuck zipper or small stain. When others see pretty dresses and think, “It’s lovely, but I have no event to wear it to,” I think, “It’s lovely and I’ll make me a damn event to wear it to.” I even instituted an annual (and fancy) Summer Date Night just so I could make sure any floor length chiffon dresses I came across were given a night on the town. Anyways, my mind starts with a special dress and then makes the plans to fit the outfit. Backwards? Maybe, but it makes getting dressed so much more fun.

I apply the same rules when it comes to holiday attire and I start looking for Christmas/New Years Eve party dresses a few months before the events. For me, holiday dresses mean two things whenever possible; loads of sequins and very tall heels. This year, to find my holiday dress I teamed up again with Lulu’s, and because of the insane amount of party dresses they have in stock, it was really easy to find the perfect match for me. There were so many adorable ones to choose from (like this, this, and this one), but the shimmer of black and white sequins won out. There are few things in life I love more than a full sequin dress—it just puts you in immediate party mode—and even if the heels get kicked off by the end of the night, at least they looked great for the first half.                                                  Dress, Shoes, and Clutch c/o Lulu’s

I told you how I’ve been getting more into red this year so I thought I’d add some into my holiday attire with the bright red heels and lipstick. It’s still a slow trickle of rosy items, but it’s been a fun change-up from my usual picks. Are you still in need of a holiday dress? Well, check back because we will have a giveaway soon that could change your luck!

xo. Laura

December 4, 2014

Grey Leather Bag + Green Dress

Learning a new little skill always feels so good to me (at least when it turns out well!). I bought this bright kelly green dress a few weeks ago and I knew it should be taken up a few inches to be a better fit. The material is pretty thin so I thought it would be the perfect time to try this baby hem tutorial I pinned a few months ago and it turned out really well! I’m not the most advanced seamstress so I get excited anytime I can add a new skill to my repertoire.

I’m planning on wearing this dress to our company Christmas party this week but since my guy will be out of town for the festive night (big surprise, right?) I thought I should dress it down a bit and take it for a spin while he was still home. To complete the outfit, I’m partnering with Stella and Lori to showcase this gorgeous handmade leather bag from their collection. I’ve been really into grey leather this fall (it’s a softer look than black leather, but it’s still got an edge) and this bag is the perfect size and shape for an everyday carryall. Stella and Lori is run by Vered and Zohar, two Israeli sisters, and you should know by now how much I love sister teams working together (extra bonus points please boss ladies!). Being such a DIY girl myself, I really appreciate handmade items, especially when they are made as well as this bag. Bag making is tough work people! I’m trying my best but mine don’t look nearly this good yet. I also have a really soft spot in my heart for Israel after spending a month there for my master’s degree in 2012. It’s such a magical place and I would love to go back again someday.                                      Bag/ c/o Stella and Lori, Dress/BCBG, Shoes/Aldo

Even though Todd won’t be attending the Christmas party this week, I’m still looking forward to it. We joke that we are going to set up a laptop and Skype him into his seat, but that sounds a little too dumb to actually consider. Let me know when we get to the Star Wars/Princess Leia level of holograms and I’ll consider it…